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Donate to GB7SF Group & GB4HAM Communication unit !

If You have Donated to the Group, We would like to thank you for Your support and here is what your donation is used for to support our Hobby, The  Repeaters run by the group are GB7SF port C/B GB7SH Fusion  GB7SN DMR,GB3TT ATV, The Communication Unit to promote Amateur Radio  A big Thanks from the group if you have all ready donated  its your donation  that keeps the Repeaters Running and well serviced  ( Thank You for Your Support )





There are ongoing costs to keep a DStar Repeater Group  going for the benefit of local amateur radio enthusiasts. GB7SF was established over 16 years ago as part of a follow on from the IRLP Group here in Sheffield setup by Steve M1ERS  with several thousand pounds of quality equipment. To keep the system updated and on the general gateway around the world requires an ongoing reliable internet connection, and over time, the components require changing or repair and the software needs updating. The Repeater Keeper steve M1ERS now runs the GB4HAM , Communications Unit with the help for some members of the group,  the overheads and running cost  of the repeaters and now the communication unit is over 2500 pa, this is now with the communications unit this as been down to  Steve for the last 3 years please help and enjoy your hobby its there for all to enjoy , To Promote our hobby of  Amateur Radio  worldwide and here in Sheffield ,  he   now has a live Streaming on  Channels   ( Channel GB4HAM) but please us Gx3rcm or stevem1ers to fine the channel, (as its not that easy to change names of the channel )

photo 4GB7SF also runs the Ex GB4FUN , trailer Now under the Call of GB4HAM  , visits schools  it now have  IRLP/Echolink installed  on the unit so that  Amateurs can call, and connect to the unit on   link when we are out  on any  Events  when we are  on the Road , if you would like make a Donation to help support your hobby, by Donating to the GB4HAM  and our local repeaters, please contact stevem1ers@blueyonder.co.uk for more information, if there is any company that would like to promote there company on the communication unit and play your part in supporting our fascinating hobby and help! it grow we are  known worldwide, your help  would be greatly appreciated,  it would  help the  hobby to survive and grow,  Thanks to you all !!

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We’ve thought about a fair and balanced regular contribution that local DStar users can make, by way of a monthly or annual subscription. You are not required or expected to contribute to gain access to a free serviceon the Repeater, But not the Gateway , This means  that if  the system is not covering its costs then it could be removed from the gateway then local Amaters will only be able to chat localy, not world wide,  but it would be nice. Bear in mind that it is provided by a volunteer repeater keeper (Steve M1ERS) who wants to keep this going for every amateur’s benefit. You may also wish to make a one off larger donation instead, so we have provided a donation box on the right.

Thank you for your support.

Dave G0FTR  2017  Thanks for your support from the Group

Mal G4VLZ     2016 Thanks for you support

Steve Webster
Repeater Keeper for GB7SF.