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 The GB7SF dstar Repeater Group runs the Ex GB4HAM  Unit ,  the Group funds it themselves now, if you would like to donate to help keep this fantastic unit on the road and support you Hobby then please contact Steve M1ERS , stevem1ers@blueyonder.co.uk  Steve runs the Communication Unit  with a team of volunteers from the group, Steve himself has to gain sponsorship from dealers to promote our hobby, So please Help every littel help to bring a better future to the Hobby of Amateur radio

steve2Steve M1ERS, the repeater keeper for GB7SF, GB7SH Fusion, GB7SN Hytera DMR Plus the Group  would be delighted to hear from anyone with questions relating to D-Star fusion, DMR Plus (Hytera)  or the repeater GB7SF.  We attend scout groups and schools with the unit to demonstrate amateur radio at its best


Just complete the form below to send off your question, query or comment, and I will  get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!


Steve – M1ERS