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Within this year the group will be planning events with the communication unit  GB4HAM will be travelling round working the radio from locations up and down the uk at schools scouts cadets like on jota, if you here us on the air please call in, we are hoping to be travelling to GM  taking the time to visit clubs around  there, also we are planning some  EME events from within the unit hoping to video our qso from our EME  contacts  this is   a good time for amateurs to take advantage of the units ability using  the radio gear that is onboard  if any one would like more information send an email to stevem1ers@blueyonder.co.uk, if you would like at arrange an event and would like the GB4HAM unit at you event please ask we maybe able to help out

A trip and events  like this will take some planning and support  we are hoping to get some support for the fuel cost for the trip from  some sponsors like the RSGB, RCF, at this moment they do not support or help  us in any way to support amateur radio, it would be nice to see support from them as this is a fantastic tool for promoting amateur  radio

If any  company that would like to help support the unit and help support amateur radio to  get this on the road if any company supports the project  there company logo will be printed  on the side of the communication unit with there logo. we think that this would give clubs the opportunity to see the communication unit and work there club station using the unit as a base. also do some promoting with  there club call on air,   what a good asset GB4HAM  is for amateur radio, the unit is fully fitted out with the latest radio gear  with a new  hytera, D-star, wirex, not forgetting HF, Microwave  makes this more enjoyable for all to chat, also fitted in the Unit is all the Radio gear from uhf to microwave we also have some gear for  ATV when we are on events I also fly a Quad ( DJI Phantom ) with a video  camera on board GB4HAM up on QRZ. you can see  our  stream on  batc  we run a stream on You Tube under Steve m1ers GB4HAM  this is a working project  I am hoping to bring more new events with videos  to my stream over the coming years please stay tuned as you can understand it all cost money  to run this unit plus repeaters , Steve as spent over £7500 of his own money to promote the communications unit and Amateur Radio he would like to have done more but its all down to support be we are still working at promoting amateur radio this is without the running cost of  repeaters,  link in dstar irlp echolink dmr, wiresx, aprs,and severs running the systems to help in our hobby, over the years he must have spent 44000,in total over the years giving a service to other amateurs, Now  with the Communications unit the cost are going up  if you would like to help to move our hobby forward , Email Steve  all this is self supporting at this time but more could be done with a little help

IMG_0560Here is the Communication Unit at the Newark Ham fest in 2015 where I was streaming live video to our channel we had a good two days there and we was doing a Demo on the DMR Brandmister  system , visit our You Tube Channel


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