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Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest )

Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest )

If you would like to Enjoy Your Radio and have fun at the same time with like minded people, then here is your opportunity to help promote your Hobby worldwide, I will be out on Events in 2016, and if you would like to set a station up and work some of the bands, then just let steve m1ers know and we can take a look and see if the date you would like your station on is ok,  visit our live stream at  Ustream GX3RCM, I  be  geting some  better Video Cameras for the streaming in the New Year, I  would like to bring a better interacting with our viewers, and make it more enjoyable for all our viewers and chat more with you all  at the moment the help is thin on the ground…. but things are getting better. I  have put a lot of time and effort into this project and will continue to do so to help our Hobby to grow, I  hope that you will follow me on my Channel ( Ustream GX3RCM) and Take a look at You Tube Gx3RCM SteveM1ERS  if you see GB7SF communication don’t worry you are on the right channel, http://www.ustream.tv/channel/stevem1ers I have just Changed the Channel Name for Reasons out of my control,MX0RCU    GX3RCM The Communication Unit  has three main aims:

              1. To raise awareness for the hobby and encourage people to take part


2  To offer help and advice to support newly-licensed amateur radio operators in Sheffield and other areas, 3  To share information about events related to amateur radio in Sheffield and to the  rest of the world on our Ustream Channel under GX3RCM I am looking for Amateurs to help setup a station to work VHF/UHF SSTV, PSK31, fast scan TV,microwave, we can display this on our  lcd screens  within the communications unit and also  help out on events to run station. on events  that we  attending, this would be a way that you yourself can put a little back to you hobby and have radio enjoyment at the same time, I am also hoping in the near future it install a remote base station for hf working, if more people would be so kind as to help with this project  this would give me more time to spend on the live streaming when we are on events. The unit is involved in all aspects of our Hobby, and is fully fitted out, In 2016 i will be installing a Mobile DMR Repeater this will be live on the network when i am on events and mobile on my way to all the events that i am attending, i will be streaming live to my ustream channel, this means that you can listen to your audio on the channel wile you are chatting to us on the links ,  If there is any one that would like to be a part of this then  please send an email to stevem1ers@blueyonder.co.uk,  A thanks go to  Essex Ham for this  Video ..



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