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Welcome to Wire X on GB7SH Fusion

Hi to you all, here is some information about how fusion works and what it is, it’s a little like IRLP in the way it users DTFM tones to Connect to Repeater/rooms on the FM side  you will see a link to the rooms on our page, but you Cannot connect to Echo link or IRLP on the Fusion system, GB7SF D-star /GB7SH Fusion /GB7SN DMR all our system will be  interlink with a bridge. At this time the bridge is run by Dave M0AUT in Blackpool and is accessible on DCS.005F on this link you can talk to station on DMR, D-Star and Fusion , I can set a bridge up in GB7SH room on fusion and link other systems up in that room
WIRESTM began as an experimental Internet linking project in the United States (California), and the initial Beta testing led to the development of an expanded and enhanced protocol, known as WIRES-II.WIRESTM-II is a system of using the Internet’s voice-communication capability as a bridge between distant stations. Where simplex- and repeater-based communication was basically limited to a local coverage area, with WIRES-II it is now possible to use the Internet as a long-distance link, allowing city-to-city, country-to-country, or continent-to-continent contacts from your hand-held or mobile rig. With WIRESTM linking, the distance between mobile or hand-held units becomes irrelevant, and the world becomes a much smaller place!WIRESTM uses DTMF signaling to establish a bridge, using the Internet, from your repeater or home station to another WIRES-equipped station anywhere in the world. No proprietary tones or connection formats are used, so any manufacturer’s radio (equipped with a DTMF encoding keypad) may be used to bring up the Internet link.

The heart of a WIRESTM-II node is the HRI-100 Interface Box. At the repeater site, a personal computer is connected to the HRI-100 Interface Box, which serves as a command and audio-patching controller for the Internet bridge to your computer. Either a dial-up connection, or a high-speed line such as a DSL or ISDN line, may be used for connecting to the Internet.

when operating in the FRG (Friends’ Radio Group)configuration, you may call any repeater registered with the WIRES-II FRG server. In the case of FRG operation, a six-digit DTMF code is required for access, and once the link is established this code need not be sent again (this is called the LOCK mode), unless the operator wants the ability to make non-linked transmissions (UNLOCK mode), in which case the six-digit code must be sent at the beginning of each transmission (using the DTMF Autodial feature of the transceiver, for example). Group calling to pre-set ten-repeater B, C, and D lists is also possible.Disconnection of a WIRES-II link is accomplished by pressing the [#]-[9]-[9]-[9]-[9]-[D] or, alternatively, the [#]-[9]-[9]-[9]-[9]-[D] DTMF keys. And, if no manual disconnection command is received, a time-out timer feature will automatically drop the link after a user-defined period of inactivity.

WIRES-II FRG System Diagram
Live WIRES-II ID List Europe,Africa Update 11 Dec 2014
More Station have come on the system after this Date
If you would like to know how it works please ask




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