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GB7SN Hytera Repeater BrandMeister

Great New!! Look at the New talk Groups List


I did not want to go the Moto tubo  way on DMR, So we set up a new network DMR-Plus at first then john G4TSN put it on the BrandMeister software  to give a better flexabilaty on the  sever,  now things are  Growing well . the system was setup   with Karl M0KSP Mike G7MLL,  John G4TSN , Dave M0AUT, Steve G0LCG  the Repeater keeper of GB7RR,  GB7SN Hytera DMR Repeater  will be adding a new innovation to the network to allow amateur the full benefit of a system with amateur world wide it was one off the best thing I ever did , The GB7SF Team as now  invested in a New DMR  Hytera repeater to give amateurs the benefit of the Hytera system here in Sheffield ( BrandMeister)   jon G4TSN along with the team on RR  Dave M0AUT on FC in Blackpool   and the Team have now Changed over to the  Brandmeister Which we are finding out is a  better software  for all its nice to see the Moto repeaters coming over to the system this is the way forward  for  Amateur Radio
The Fantastic new 2015 Dv-Mega this will run DMR, Fusion D-Star DCS and all the full Brandmeister  System fantastic news from Dv_mega Karl M0KSP  the Team have been working to improve the system for all to enjoy. We will be running one of the dv-megas  on the Gx3RCM Communication Unit from  Events . The Brandmeister is the way forward in Amateur Radio  the group with Dave M0AUT John G4TSN Steve Repeater Keeper of RR Karl M0KSP, G7MLL, and the rest will be moving forward with new  technology in amateur radio to improve the network

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Look at the Demo

In addition, a Dstar to DMR two way bridge is also in operation on timeslot 2.  Dstar users can connect to reflector DCS005F.

Timeslot 2

Timeslot 2 implements the use of reflectors similar to the Dstar network. The easiest way to use the reflector is to program your radio with Talkgroup 9 (local) in timeslot 2. This is the only talkgroup you will need for a QSO on the reflector.

To link and unlink the reflector, program the radio with the reflector number as a group call on timeslot 2. To link to a reflector, select the reflector number from the contacts list and transmit for about 1 second. The repeater should respond with a voice announcement, “Connect to reflector xxxx”. Then go back to Talkgroup 9 to make a QSO.
To unlink select 4000 from the contacts list, transmit for about 1 second, and you should hear a voice announcement “Reflector Disconnected”.

Currently available reflectors.

4000 Not Linked
4001 Berlin-Brandenburg
4016 Berlin-Brandenburg
4062 Swiss
4200 Ukraine
4202 Ukraine XRF255B
4204 Ukraine / DCS002B
4234 Germany
4232 Austria
4250 Italy
4262 Germany
4370 Spain – Latin / XRF007
4400 UK
4401 UK 1
4402 UK 2
4403 UK 3
4433 Germany Bridge to XRF433B
4500 Nederland (204)
4501 Nederland Noord
4502 Nederland Midden
4503 Nederland Zuid
4504 Nederland Oost
4639 USA – Nationwide
4640 USA – Area 0
4641 USA – Area 1
4642 USA – Area 2
4643 USA – Area 3
4644 USA – Area 4
4645 USA – Area 5
4646 USA – Area 6
4647 USA – Area 7
4648 USA – Area 8
4649 USA – Area 9
4710 Portugal-1
4711 Portugal-2
4712 Portugal-3
4750 Belgium
4751 Belgium Vlaams
4752 Belgium Francais
4753 Belgium Deutsch
4850 Germany Bridge to XRF850B

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