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Welcome to GB7SF/GB4HAM Repeater Group, Sheffield


Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest )

Steve M1ERS onboard the GB4HAM  Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest ) Inside the Communications unit, The Unit is Fitted with HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave/ATV/Data/ is  fitted out with LPG  mains power unit there is  also  4G internet for our  outside streaming when on events  also a  dv-mega that’s onboard so amateurs can contact  direct to the unit and chat with us mobile

Enjoy Your Radio !!! look out for us on the Road

In the HOME  of the Full Monty  ( Sheffield ) GB4HAM

Bringing Amateur Radio to you !!! ( Live Streaming )  on our You Tube Channel  under stevem1ers or GB4HAM, get involved


To buy your DV-Mega links  http://blue-stack.co.uk/Ordering%20Information.html

We extend a warm welcome to the website relating to the GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group, also the GB3TT ATV Repeater, GB4HAM  is part of the group   based in Sheffield here within the UK. The group in 2016 ,  our focus is to promote the enjoyment of every thing to do within  amateur radio not only D-star like some amateurs think that we do !!. We go to  events with at scouts schools cadets also we attend outside events up and down the  uk to show the public what Amateur Radio is about here in Sheffield  uk and to the rest of the  world,  Repeater run by the Group GB7SF GB7SH GB7SN (Hytera DMR ) we also run a ATV repeater GB3TT some simplex links on IRLP/Echolink/ Allstars . Steve M1ERS as run and supported   the  Communication unit for the last 4 Years, this is a new part of the group in the first year RCF gave some support to the running of the unit but sadly this is no longer there from RCF/RSGB ,  Steve as put a lot of work into fitting the  communication unit out with all the equipment so that when we are out on Events Amateurs and the public  can see what amateur radio is about  the photo to the left   is Steve M1ERS inside the unit at the Lamfest 2015.  in  2016 I will be holding events with the unit   running stations on HF.VHF.UHF.6M and microwave bands. and Some EME  this will be  open to other amateurs to come along and work a  station and enjoy there radio like we do as a group of amateurs . if you would like to get involved in any part of your hobby or take part when out on events  you are more than welcome just send email to stevem1ers@blueyonder.co.uk , our You Tube channel is Steve M1ers we do stream live on this channel when the group are out working radio on events hope to chat to you all soon, we have to limit our streaming this is down to the cost of data, if we could get some support we could do more  in the streaming side of things


If you have Donated to the Group and the running of GB4HAM we would like to thank you for your support, The Communication Unit is for Promoting amateur Radio  if you can support every little will help !!! to keep the GB4HAM on the road promoting our hobby and give us more chance off being at more event bringing you live information on our hobby

Training to schools, scouts and other groups  enjoyment for all We are a none profit group if you have donated then we would like to thank you once again  for Your support its very important to keep promoting amateur radio ,here is some off what your donation is used for to support our Hobby, The  Repeaters run by the group are GB7SF port C/B GB7SH Fusion  GB7SN DMR,GB3TT ATV, The Communication Unit to allow us to  promote Amateur Radio as it should be   Again a big Thanks if you donate!! from the group your  help is needed to help our hobby grow many thanks. The more amateurs  that help support the hobby the better systems we can enjoy, if you would like to share in the enjoyment of the communications unit with your club please contact me and have a chat we are here to help our hobby grow . 


Here, you will learn more about not only the background and history of GB7SF, here is  how we got to where we are today take a  look at the work we do with the communication unit, our You Tube  channel under Steve M1ERS, (  Follow Us and Enjoy being a part of  the enjoyment of radio  at our Events )


The unit  as been fitted to a Iveco cargo 7.5 ton, we are hoping to fit in  a Cab cam on the top of the cab this will be used for  live Streaming when we are going out on events, the Vehicle it is  also  fitted with 4G internet this allows us to be able to stream live video from the unit  when  on the road, Amateurs Can also call and chat to the team  wile we are travelling to events, we  do  run some special event station from the unit at weekends so listen out for us on the bands GB4HAM . if there is anyone that would like the unit for a event !!!   send a email to stevem1ers@blueyonder.co.uk , On our site you will also   learn how to program your D-Star Transceivers to access the D-Star network across the World. Which has now been linked to the Hytera DMR Brandmrister System on the GB7SN the repeater is located at Norton (Sheffield) We are working together  to bring a Network to Amateurs that will link all  our Systems together. and now we have installed a Fusion GB7SH on the wirex



To the Left of your screen are some links to help you find out about more about   D-Star users accessing the system, and  links that will enable you to access more information on d-star, we will be putting some information on the fusion system, DMR , to help users to understand things  We encourage you to get on and try !!!

visit these links as you browse.

The Group would like to work towards  helping to build all the linking systems that we as amateurs have at our finger tips, and help set up the infrastructure to help to advance our hobby, with the networks for all to enjoy this. Is why the group as decided to help to try to build a solid infrastructure for Amateur, our hobby is about communication which ever it may be!! The group has been working to help build this for some years now we   will continue to promote Amateur radio in this way not only with the communication unit, but with our repeaters as well for all amateurs to enjoy,

Some of the radios in the Unit Icom 756pro3 Icom 9100 fully loaded with 23cm

Some of the radios in the Unit Icom 756pro3 Icom 9100 fully loaded with 23cm


We are always open for questions, so do feel free to contact us using the contact page above, and fire away. Thanks for visiting  73’s..!! Steve M1ERS

The GB7SF group is supporting  the communication unit run by steve m1ers.   promoting  amateur radio here are some
  photos left to right, stevem1ers at the lamfest 2015, finningley 2013, the new gx3rcm at the lamfest 2015

The Group will continue with improving the equipment on the GB4HAM communications unit  as a group  people that like to promote amateur radio we would like to think that we are helping to make our hobby grow and move forward by  attending event with the unit and  talking to people about our hobby  giveing  amateurs the opportunity to see and try the latest technology.  As you can understand we can only achieve this with the help of our sponsors Thanks to all involved !!, for  allowing  for the group to move forward in our hobby.If you would like to help your hobby please look at the donate button at the top of  our page, or contact us if you would like to help in any way.

Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest )

Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest ) we did live streaming from the event  look out for our stream on you tube

The New GX3RCM Communication Unit

The New GB4HAM Communication Unit first time out for the new unit At the Lamfest 2015 after its Refit

trailer shot fin

GB4HAM before  refit at one of our Events

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