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Support for GB4HAM 2018

After running the GB4HAM Communication unit for the last 4 year we ask RSGB if they would support to help promote our hobby  it’s the only unit in the uk that’s promoting Amateur Radio, A lot of time money and work has been put into this project, this work follows on from the work the group have done with  linking from back in 2000 and now with the GB4HAM, RSGB told us about a  fund to support project like the GB4HAM , there is only one GB4HAM unit  is the only unit for promoting  amateur radio we was talking with  the rsgb  work on a 2 year plan with RSGB, after our application was sent to them they  was all for the project  and we had followed all they asked off us then they said that they would not support this project!!!! and would not give us a answer why  we feel that RSGB has let the project down with not supporting the GB4HAM has the  GB4HAM is promoting not only RSGB and amateur radio for free. Just with a little Support  to allow the Gb4HAM unit to cover its cost we feel this is not a lot to ask from an organization like RSGB , RSGB said that GB4HAM had  to be self-supporting, there is a lot off amateurs that think the same way has we do,  amateurs think that this is sad!!! and disgusting with the  RSGB/RCF should be more support to help support the GB4HAM after GB4HAM have supported RSGB/RCF for the last 3 years by advertising on the side of GB4HAM, at events  Amateurs did  think that RSGB  was   supporting the gb4ham unit for the last 3 years,this was not the case, GB4HAM has no received any support from rsgb in the last 4 years. GB4HAM is doing valuable work for the hobby, with training, events, scouts, schools, and much more  bring our hobby to the public. GB4HAM has supported RSGB for the last 4 Years it’s time for GB4HAM to change our logos on the unit for support from other company after this disappointing news, The GB4ham is known world wide for promoting our hobby here in the uk

GB4HAM is run like a business ,the project  has been running for the last 4 years ever since day one this helps  to keep a proper track on our running costs, as you can understand the running and maintenance
is costly, insurance liability road tax mot all the costs have  be coved by Steve M1ERS for the last 3 years we could have done more to help our hobby  with a little more support from RSGB the RCF over the last years ,  after the first year they stopped supporting the unit (GB4HAM )after months of hard work and planning  building our profile up, RSGB told us about the fund that they run we should  apply for  support from RSGB  advised us to re apply for support after lots of information was sent to RSGB and phone call working with  RSGB building our hope up it came to be a lot of hard work for nothing and was not forthcoming, from RSGB/RCF

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