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Live Production with the new GB4HAM


The GB7SF Group have been looking for a Place of our own for many  years, working with the Sheffield city council , and now we think we have found a place , this building is 60 foot by 40 foot and we can extend if we need to   we can put a mast up for our antennas, its also as a car park that will hold  24/30 cars   this building will be used as a meeting room also for  projects building antennas talks and live demos   for members of the group, this would be a place HQ for the GB4HAM unit  it will give us a garage workshop for the GB4HAM  communications unit making life more easy for servicing and refits when needed.   We can help other group by  sheared the building with other groups within the community. we will be starting work soon after our events have finished with the communication unit this year we are looking forward to our new project moving forward for a great future in radio, we are talking to the RSGB about support to help run the GB4HAM this is a vital part of promoting amateur radio in schools and scout camp, if support come from the RSGB  then this would allow the project to move forward with our outreach project to schools and other group, at this time the RSGB  dose not support this vital part of our hobby and has not for the passed 3/4 years



live video owls in the park

I am going to try to spend more time on  streaming when out with the communication unit try to bring video of people working the radios on HF,VHF,UHF,  all other thing that we have onboard the unit I think that this will give the Amatuers  around the  world a look at the landscape  here in the uk,  also at the Amateur Radio Rallies that we attend with GB4HAM

I will be setting up a system like this in the Communication Unit for a better way of streaming our events at the moment I us wirecast with a  set of mixers to change camera, but this  is a  lot better way of bringing good streaming to you   about Amateur radio.  also from other events that I attend,  like field day events or when out at radio day, we like working the jota with the scouts or  at schools this will make things a lot more easy for setting up  our streaming channel. This is not a cheap bit of  kit but its the best way to go . at the bottom of this page is a layout fitted in a truck, a little like we can do with the communication unit  I may do some thing like this in the  unit at the back of the unit .  I do have a good space for it to fit into there is other layouts that would suite the truck this would  give a  good place for streaming

Portable and sharp camera monitoring!

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