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LIVE Wires-X Room List  Click Here

Here is the live status of echolink/irlp/eqso/

for DTFM Tones  You can Connect to Any room on GB7SH in FM press the star to disconnect from the room you will here 2 tones this means you have disconnected from that link or room

Hi to all we have just set a new REF  on 4416 or 23560 NE TG  Can  users of this  room  only use fusion narrow As this will help with our Systems as with all the other bridge in the  rooms, i will bring you more information as and when Please ask if you are not sure aske Steve M1ERS for information, have  fun and enjoy your Amateur Radio , if you are on DMR  link to 4420 and then you are linked to  wiresx room you will be able to chat from  to any  in GB7SH Room, If you are working Wire-x on GB7SH go to the Room 27408 0r GB7SH-DMR4416 and you can talk to  anyone on DMR 4416 , Please call and give us a call here in Sheffield Home of the Full Monty , we maybe holding a net on some nights please ask for details   On the SF site is all the Linking systems as listed above, Enjoy 

Here is some information on how the wires -X is linked to our BrandMeister Server To GB7SH Fusion Wires-X to our room 27408 and REF 4416, We try to help all our users to enjoy there hobby like we do here on GB7SF/GB7SH/GB7SN/ REF 006B  for Mobiles and Nets /IRLP/Echolink Allstars , linking the world, you can us the repeater local, if you are not a user or supporter of the group you will not be able to chat to stations over the gateway please think of the cost of running systems and repeater and help support its as little as 50p pr day to enjoy your hobby


• Fully transparent calls between DMR and WIRES-X soon to be able on a Dv-Mega
• Full call signaling support in both directions
• Sound quality is 1:1 in both directions
• No extra hardware is required(*)
• Late call entry is supported on both sides in both directions
• System Fusion / WIRES-X side doesn’t loose any features
• Each BrandMeister Server can be connected to several rooms, and its working like a dream




screen shot fusion ref





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