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GB3TT ATV Repeater On Air Testing

batc Hi to  all our visitors  this page is for information on our ATV repeater GB3TT, This repeater as been fitted with the ATV-Plus4 controler  this allows the user to select a number of inputs with a DTFM tone from there radio  also the Repeater is  fitted with a Pi  that is linked to severs on BATC  this work in underway by Gary and myself  we have been working on TT over the last year and things are coming on nice but as you can understand its all down to cost but we are getting there here is a test sig in the photo below

More information will be put on this site as soon as we have some more news, Update 8/6/2017  we are testing a PI on the BATC stream from TT Gary is streaming the TX from TT to his channel on BATC, on 27th/08/17 we have now changed the stream over to  the stream to  batc under GB3TT but its still streaming from Gary house we have just bought a new Pi 3 just for the stream we are  still updating TT today we have just changed the Alford slot for another one with a better vswr


Photo on 2016 GB3TT