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Welcome to GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group, Sheffield

Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest )

Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest ) Inside the Communications unit, The Unit is Fitted with HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave/ATV/Data/and is fully fitted out with LPG mains power unit I also have a 4G internet for our outside streaming when on events working the dv-mega that’s is onboard so amateurs can call direct to the unit

Enjoy Your Radio !!!

In the HOME of the Full Monty ( Sheffield )

Bringing Amateur Radio to you !!! ( Live Streaming ) on my You . . . → Read More: Welcome to GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group, Sheffield

New Link on DMR/ Fusion REF 4416/ GB7SH Room

dr1 fusion repeaterHi to all we have just set a new REF on 4416 or 23560 NE TG Can users of this room only use fusion narrow As this will help with our Systems as with all the other bridge in the rooms, i will bring you more information as and when Please ask if you are not sure Steve M1ERS but have fun and enjoy your Amateur Radio , if on DMR and you link to 4416 and someone is linked to GB7SH Room you will be able to chat from 4416 to any link in GB7SH Room or . . . → Read More: New Link on DMR/ Fusion REF 4416/ GB7SH Room

GB7SF Promoting Radio

Communication new Flag

Communication new Flag If any company would like to promote there company on the unit please contact stevem1ers@blueyonder.co.uk help support our Hobby and your Company, I attend Event up and down the uk, Sheffield Show, owls in the Park, Shows, main rally’s, if companys wish they can supply there own logos

A new Flag for the Communication unit with the Yorkshire rose, I used this logo of the rose on my plant hire company vans back in 1985. at that time there was no logo of a Yorkshire rose so my . . . → Read More: GB7SF Promoting Radio

History of the Communication Unit

commsWithin this year the group will be planning events with the communication unit travelling round to radio clubs working the radio from locations up and down the uk if you here us on the air please call in, we are hoping to be travelling to GM and taking the time to visit clubs there, if any one would like more information send a email to stevem1ers@blueyonder.co.uk, A trip like this will take some planning we are hoping to get some support for the fuel cost for the trip and we think that this would give clubs the opportunity to . . . → Read More: History of the Communication Unit




The Repeater is linked to the wires X system but things are getting better world wide on fusion A big thanks to Lee and the Team at Lamco for Supporting the fusion repeater GB7SH in Sheffield

Hi to all if you are thinking of working the wires network on GB7SH will you please wait for the carrier to drop on the repeater to allow the repeater to reset on the network, If you need help just call Steve M1ERS the Repeater Keeper and he will help there is lots of . . . → Read More: THE HOME OF THE FULL MONTY GB7SH Room

Jota scouts sheffield group

More to come in 2016 with the scouts its lots of fun !!

13th/15th Oct 2016 Look out for more information

12141780_10153708281563817_6900887857560907915_nA great day for all the scouts Working on HF 20m with Steve M1ERS with Icom 7100 on the day, they all had a great day I would like to thanks the stations that the group hold a qso with and all the scout would like to say 73 to them all for giving them a nice contact with your station on the day the 279 scout group in Sheffield all the scouts will receive a . . . → Read More: Jota scouts sheffield group

Help to promote your Hobby !!

Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest )

Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest )

If you would like to Enjoy Your Radio and have fun at the same time with like minded people, then here is your opportunity to help promote your Hobby worldwide, I will be out on Events in 2016, and if you would like to set a station up and work some of the bands, then just let steve m1ers know and we can take a look and see if the date you would like your . . . → Read More: Help to promote your Hobby !!

Welcome to Wire X on GB7SH Fusion

Hi to you all, here is some information about how fusion works and what it is, it’s a little like IRLP in the way it users DTFM tones to Connect to Repeater/rooms on the FM side you will see a link to the rooms on our page, but you Cannot connect to Echo link or IRLP on the Fusion system, GB7SF D-star /GB7SH Fusion /GB7SN DMR all our system will be interlink with a bridge. At this time the bridge is run by Dave M0AUT in Blackpool and is accessible on DCS.005F on this link you can talk to station on DMR, D-Star and Fusion , I can set a bridge up in GB7SH room on fusion and link . . . → Read More: Welcome to Wire X on GB7SH Fusion

GB7SN Hytera Repeater BrandMeister

Great New!! Look at the New talk Groups List


I did not want to go the Moto tubo way on DMR, So we set up a new network DMR-Plus at first then john G4TSN put it on the BrandMeister software to give a better flexabilaty on the sever, now things are Growing well . the system was setup with Karl M0KSP Mike G7MLL, John G4TSN , Dave M0AUT, Steve G0LCG the Repeater keeper of GB7RR, GB7SN Hytera DMR Repeater will be adding a new innovation to the network to allow amateur the full benefit of a system with amateur world wide it was one off the best thing I . . . → Read More: GB7SN Hytera Repeater BrandMeister

Newark Ham Fest 2015 Great Weekend

GX3RCM at Newark 2015 information

inside GX3RCM

inside GX3RCM

At Newark ham Rally this year again our visit was getting thire first look at the DMR Plus Repeater working in the Communication Unit ,We did Streaming to our Ustream Channel (MX0RCU) We would like to thank all the visiters who called to see the display at the Rally. A big thanks to Dave M0AUT, Steve Repeater Keeper of GB7RR and John G4TSN for taking part in the demonstrating on Hytera DMR Plus see the live demo, we are on the road with the hytera dmr . . . → Read More: Newark Ham Fest 2015 Great Weekend