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Welcome to GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group, Sheffield


A shot of the inside of GX3RCM communication Unit look at our videos on you tube under GX3RCM, and Live on ustream from our Events

We extend a warm welcome to the website relating to the GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group, based in Sheffield within the UK. our focus is to promote amateur radio here in sheffield and the uk plus the rest of the world,

Here, you will learn more about not only the background and history of GB7SF, and the work we do with our communication unit, Please take a look and Follow our ustream channel under GX3RCM, the trailer as now been fitted to a Iveco cargo . . . → Read More: Welcome to GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group, Sheffield

GB7SF Introducing there Hytera System

GB7SF Introducing there Hytera System along with the Communications unit GX3RCM a Fully fitted unit with VHF, UHF, Remote Base,Microwave, D-star IRQDDB, onboard Camaras, Air Opp Masts, Cab Cam to be fitted soon , The Remote Base will give me the availability of the us off my own station from home when out on demonstrations to work the HF bands with out setting up big antennas when out on events there is also a Dv Mega connected to DCS 005F to allow users to link to the vehicle when on the road with GPS to aprs.fi . more improvements are on the way please follow our ustream channel GX3RCM where we stream live from most of our events (worldwide)

. . . → Read More: GB7SF Introducing there Hytera System

Lowedges Festival at Greenhill Park, Gresley Road, Sheffield S8 7HN

Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at our the Event

Inside the GX3RCM unit

GX3RCM will be at the Event , we will be Streaming to our ustream Channel on under GX3RCM the link to there Page of the Event, is below with some more information on the GB7SF D-Star Group,

Sunday 9 August 2015

Noon to 5pm – free admission!


Link to more information

Enjoy colourful living history, combat and other displays by Roman, Medieval, English Civil War, Napoleonic and WWII re-enactors as we stage a multi-period “show within a show” at the extremely popular annual Lowedges Festival, staged by the Friends of Greenhill . . . → Read More: Lowedges Festival at Greenhill Park, Gresley Road, Sheffield S8 7HN

Re launch at the Lam Fest GX3RCM

The New GX3RCM Communication Unit

The New GX3RCM Communication Unit

GB7SF Repeater Group in sheffield Re-Launched the GX3RCM communications Unit at the Barnsley Lam Fest in Aid of the South Yorkshire Air Ambulance its was a Great Day for all and a big Thanks goes to Lee and the team at Lamco, for the Event,




Steve M1ERS onboard the Unit at the Event ( Lam Fest )

GX3RCM Live stream From the Lamfest (update)

We had a great day at the Lam Fest in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, it was the reopening of the New GX3RCM and the Lam Fest was the best place to do this as it was the first Event we was attending and live streaming from the event , I would like to apologize to our viewers’ for the loss of audio but I did recorded the event and I will be putting it on our ustream channel in the next week or so but I have been very busy with the new GX3RCM communication unit and thing do go wrong sometimes Hi , I would like to see more people come along and give a helping hand . . . → Read More: GX3RCM Live stream From the Lamfest (update)

W5KUB Roundtable



Hi to all our visitors Steve M1ERS was on the W5KUB roundtable last night the 24th March, Steve as been talking to Tom for some time now, Tom worked with Steve on the first ever Video streaming from the Newark Ham fest back in 2013, Here in the uk Steve and Tom as build a good friendship over the last months and are helping to Promote Amateur Radio World Wide along with Ian G3ZHI and others within the Gb7SF Group. Please call in on www W5KUB.com Here is last night’s Show you can watch a recorded version of it at w5kub.com . . . → Read More: W5KUB Roundtable

New project Communication Unit

GX3RCM at one of our Events

GX3RCM at one of our Events


This is a Photo of a 7.5 ton truckimage truck

The new project for the Trailer work is underway it will be mounted on a 7.5 Ton Cargo Chassis, the back will be removed off the chassis on the Luton and replaced with the trailer back , this will give me more MPG with the unit and allow for better drive and be more convenient for travelling on the motorways, driving will be more comfortable and less stressful, it will be fitted with a . . . → Read More: New project Communication Unit

Hytera GB7SN DMR Sheffield

IMG_0889I would like to thank Karl M0KSP and John G4TSN for all their help in getting the Hytera System up and running here in Sheffield by putting the server system on GB7SN, GB7SN now as the nov and work is underway the group is hoping to have the repeater on air in the next week As you can see GB7RR in Nottingham As been logged on the network for some weeks now and running very nice That repeater keeper of GB7RR is Steve, John G4tsn logged the GB7RR on to the system, This system is for Amateurs, yes it is a commercial system but we have built a Hytera here . . . → Read More: Hytera GB7SN DMR Sheffield

What is amateur radio?

club bannerAmateur radio is a popular technical hobby and volunteer public service that uses designated radio frequencies for non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communications.

Amateur Radio is the only hobby governed by international treaty.

As a radio amateur you are able to transmit radio signals on a number of frequency bands allocated specifically to the radio amateurs.

Radio amateurs make use of their frequencies in a number of ways:

Contacting people all over the world by radio which often leads to developing international friendships Competing in international competitions to test how effective your equipment is, and how good you are as an operator Technical experimentation — . . . → Read More: What is amateur radio?

GB3TT ATV Repeater

streamerThe GB3TT ATV repeater, would like to invite amateurs that are interested in ATV in the local area to contact Steve M1ERS, as we would like to try to get a local repeater with lots of activates on and form a group of like minded people that enjoy Atv, the repeater is linked to our BATC channel that we can stream to. look out for the link at the top of this page for all information on GB3TT, If there is anyone that would like to help this project with GB3TT please drop me a email the more people that get involved and , It’s nice to see that many . . . → Read More: GB3TT ATV Repeater

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