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Welcome to GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group,

Barnsly Rally Steve John TrevWe extend a warm welcome to the website relating to the GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group , based in Sheffield within the UK.

Here, you will learn more about not only the background and history of GB7SF, but also learn how to program your D-Star Transceivers to access the D-Star network across the World.

To the right of your screen are some links to help you find out about other D-Star users accessing the system, and to the left are links that will enable you to access more information on d-star . We encourage you to visit these links as you browse.



We are . . . → Read More: Welcome to GB7SF D-Star Repeater Group,

GB3TT ATV Repeater Comining on this site Soon!!

streamerThe GB3TT ATV repeater, will be on this page soon, With its own Page !! and all information, about the Repeater will be on there and our links to our BATC site . look out for the link in our header at the top of this Page, for all information on GB3TT

UK Amateur Licence Review

UK Amateur Licence Review

UK amateur licence reviewThere is now just one week before the Consultation closes on 20 October and Ofcom have advised us that only about 300 people have responded so far.

Ofcom will be relying heavily on the volume and content of the responses as evidence of what the amateur radio community feels about the proposals and it is vital that everyone who has an opinion completes the online form.

Whilst we published some explanatory notes on the website soon after the document was released, it is apparent that many amateurs have not yet read the document which is far from straightforward in several places.

We are thus today publishing . . . → Read More: UK Amateur Licence Review

Dv-Mega on Board to buy a Board please quote gx3rcm when ordering


Youtube Test

Great News , Come and see the Dv-Mega in operation and test it for yourself , on the GX3RCM unit , we have all the systems running you will be able to see the live data on the 32″ HD lcd screens fitted in the unit , our Repeater ( GB7SH) see all the station around the world, and connect to them yourself and have a qso , you are welcome to come and test the systems for yourself !! If you would like to call the trailer wile we . . . → Read More: Dv-Mega on Board

RCF, Helps the Communication unit,

2008_Technology_Logo1-300x198First of all I would like to thanks all the Amateurs that did visited the Communication unit at Newark, We attend Events to promote our hobby, We would like to give a big thanks to RCF for their support, RCF have played a vital part in supporting this project in 2014 and we hope that they will continue to support our hobby in making all this more possible, In 2015 all the hard work that Steve and the team have put in to their hobby , Will bring Amateur Radio Into the Schools and university, the group has been working to secure a good future for our hobby , with . . . → Read More: RCF, Helps the Communication unit,

Internet Onboard for 2015

The commphoto 1unications trailer is run by Steve m1ers and a team of members of the group, Steve will be fitted the trailer with its own internet for 2015, this will allow amateurs to call the unit and connect to the d-star repeater that we have onboard , also chat to us when we are on the road, 2015 should be a great year for us all . the group sponsors’ the trailer its self, with the support from some of the dealers , ( Steve would like to thank them for their Support, Especially icom uk )


mast total 2 . . . → Read More: Internet Onboard for 2015

The Trailer 2014/15 Now fitted with the Dv-Mega

gx3rcm pic

The MX0RCU trailer, run by M1ERS and the GB7SF D-Star Group, This group was setup in 2008,when we first set up the D-Star Repeater (digital)here in Sheffield we are a dedicated group to promoting Amateur Radio not only in sheffield, and world wide . The Group as now got a calendar for the communication unit for 2014/15 , We are looking forward to a great year for the Group, now we have the support from the RCF, and RSGB, this mean we can put a lot more back to our Hobby, The Team would like to thank all our sponsors for their support for . . . → Read More: The Trailer 2014/15 Now fitted with the Dv-Mega


GX3RCM trailer gets live BATC channel

batcThe communications trailer now has its very own TV channel thanks to the British Amateur Television Club who have most generously allocated this special live channel. the Trailer will be fitted with its own internet connection so Amateurs will be able to chat with us on our events and on the road in 2015

From now on this new channel will be used to stream live TV from special events attended by the GB7SF Group own communications trailer MX0RCU (Radio Communications Unit ) whenever a high speed internet link is available. The first of these could be at the LAMFEST mini radio rally . . . → Read More: GX3RCM BATC Stream

Communications Trailer takes the world of Amateur Radio to the public

The Group GB7SF has a long history of extending its activities to the public.

Every year they put on demonstrations of short wave and VHF radio communications at local summer events as well as school visits where they link in with the science curriculum.

This year they have took over the running of the 21 foot long GB4FUN demonstration trailer formerly used by the Radio Society of Great Britain which represents all of the UK radio amateurs. The unique GB4FUN special radio call sign has been changed to the GX3RCM so that radio amateurs all over the world will know they are talking to Sheffield. communications trailer run by the Group.

Determined to use this wonderful asset to its maximum . . . → Read More: Communications Trailer takes the world of Amateur Radio to the public

Sheffield Hams hit the airwaves

£30k boost as Sheffield Hams hit the airwaves

gx3rcm pic

Amateur radio enthusiasts in Sheffield hope new recruits will tune-in when they show off their global hobby in their new £30,000 trailer this weekend.

Sheffield Amateur Radio Club won the GX3RCM “Radio Communications Module” demonstration trailer from the Radio Society of Great Britain recently.

And it will make it’s debut this weekend giving visitors a taster to the popular hobby with visits to Sheffield’s Heeley Festival and Barnsley’s Elsecar Heritage Centre.

Experts will be on hand at Heeley Festival from 12noon on Saturday 22nd June, on Sunday 23rd when the group gives its full support of LAMFEST, in . . . → Read More: Sheffield Hams hit the airwaves

Communications on the Road

SONY DSC Hi to all, We was back on the road this weekend with our start at the Heeley Event on the Saturday and then over to the Lam Fest at Barnsley, It was a very nice weekend and we meet lots of visitor’s and the WX was glorious , it was a very nice start to 2014 for MX0RCU the team are looking forward to more event and meeting more people on our quest this year The MX0RCU communication trailer will be out and about at lots of Events within Sheffield Please take a look at for more informationand videos of the unit on our events , . . . → Read More: Communications on the Road

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